Herbal Remedies for Infected Gums

The use of herbs as a remedy for common ailments is on the rise as more and more persons worldwide are won over by the safer and more pocket friendly aspects of herbal medicines.

Among the generous bounty of herbal medicine are plants, roots and extracts that help people afflicted by a variety of problems and help restore their health and vitality to them in the safest possible way, be it a sore throat, infected or bleeding gums or bad breath. Some of these natural remedies are discussed below:

Herbal help for infected gums

For infected gums, this means that it is a good antiseptic and stops the infection from spreading further while its astringent qualities help it perform as an excellent oral rinse for loose teeth and sore gums. It helps to maintain the teeth and bones while acting as a quickie-mouth freshener.

For internal use, Bringraj is taken in powder form and a dosage of half a teaspoon twice a day, mixed with warm water is as effective as the tablet form. The recommended period of use is about 3 months for best results.