Herbal Remedies for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or Bruxism is a condition that is distressing for the person experiencing it-as well as for persons around him. However, in most cases, the Bruxism takes place as a symptomatic activity in the unconscious state- while the affected individual is sleeping, so he or she may not be aware of the condition. This activity is totally involuntary and unconscious, but as simple as it sounds, the consequences of bruxism can assume severe forms over a protracted period of time and can affect a person greatly if left unchecked.

Understanding the consequences of teeth grinding: seeking safe solutions

Due to unchecked bruxism, the gums can recede from the base and the teeth eroded over a long term with pain in the jaws while eating or in the morning.

As a result of continual grinding, the teeth may loosen and though commonly noted in children, bruxism is also reported in adults.

Herbal remedies: the natural way to end teeth grinding tales

The symptomatic habit of bruxism can be reduced or prevented through physical means like having a dentist supply the affected person with a mouth guard. However, this does not cure the condition and supplements of nutrients like essential minerals, calcium and the B vitamin pantothenic acid may also be necessary, though not completely effective for everyone with bruxism. The grinding of the teeth may be due to psychological tension and stress and thus require a long-term treatment that is safe and nips the problem in the bud-or tooth.

Herbal remedies can help a person affected by bruxism by providing him or her with the necessary vitamins deficient in the metabolism and treat the tension, which is the factor that brings of the grinding of teeth.

Calcium to the rescue! Stinging nettles, Watercress, Seaweed and horsetail

Natural calcium supplements to be replaced in the body of the affected individual can be brought about by using the juices of herbs like stinging nettle, horsetail and the watercress. All these herbs are rich in the mineral, calcium and are an ideal combination that provides necessary dietary supplement to treat bruxism. A juice made of all three herbs can be taken thrice daily for a period of two to four weeks to regulate the adrenal gland and improve its functioning. Seaweed, too, is attributed with gland regulation properties and is sometimes used in conjunction with stinging nettles and watercress to provide relief from teeth grinding.

Sipping your way to good health: and away from bruxism!

Herbal teas made from the herbs like hops, passion flower leaves, peppermint leaves and fennel/ lemon balm can also be used to lower anxiety and thus do away with the cause of teeth grinding in the preliminary stages. To make these teas, one needs to steep a teaspoon of these herbs in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes, strain the residue and use it piping hot in doses of three cups everyday during the treatment period.